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Relax & Relieve Stress 😌 100% Rest Easy Guarantee | Free Shipping Available on All Saunas
10 Crucial Things to Look for In a Portable Massage Table

10 Crucial Things to Look for In a Portable Massage Table

A versatile and essential massage table is one of the most critical tools a good therapist should be equipped with.

There are many options available online.

But which features do you need to consider before investing your hard-earned money?

Here are ten crucial things you need to look for in a portable massage table if you want your clients to have the most unforgettable and relaxing massage experience.

10 Crucial Things to Look for In a Portable Massage Table

1. Width & Length Dimension

Even if you know the most complex hand techniques…

Even if you possess exceptional reflexology skills…

Suppose the massage table is not wide or long enough to accommodate your client. In that case, it will be an uncomfortable experience – which defeats the purpose of the massage.

The dimension of the massage table should be well suited for both the therapist and the client.

Find a table that will accommodate almost all clients’ body types and heights.

The most comfortable width for therapists to work on is a massage table that’s around 28 to 30 inches wide

Anything more expansive than that could make the session arduous.

Therapists on the petite side should go for the narrower 28 inches size, so it’s not hard to lean over.

There are also tables with 30 to 32 inches dimensions. Wide tables can accommodate large-sized clients. However, tall clients need extended tables, so their feet don't dangle uncomfortably during the massage.

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2. Height

So you don’t strain or exert too much effort while doing the massage, the ideal massage table height should be at your hip joint.

This is why it’s crucial for the massage table to be adjustable.

Generally, massage tables’ heights can be adjusted from 22 – 38 inches.

You can gain flexibility and full-body strength without straining your spine by doing stretches on this table.

3. Weight support capacity

The “working weight” refers to the weight that a massage table can hold. It’s the weight of your clients and the pressure you put on while working.

The Master Massage 28" Argo table boasts a whopping 1,000-pound static weight support and 450-pounds working weight support!

The tables have undergone meticulous testing, and the quality of materials used was chosen carefully.

The patented Duo-Plane Center Hinges wrap around the center wood joint, making the material virtually unbreakable.

4. Accessories and sections

You’ll be using oil, so it’s essential for the table to be oil-proof on top of being waterproof for those who sweat.

Look for an adjustable face cradle to minimize the pressure on the forehead and cheekbone. The angle must be easy to adjust for the client's comfort.

Some massage tables come with necessary accessories, such as a built-in heating system, carrying case, sheets, massage table covers, bolsters, and a folded stool for the therapist to sit on.

5. Padding comfort and thickness

Have you ever gone for a massage, and though the therapist was good, you couldn’t focus because your face and body were in unbearable pain against the table?

If the table is not well-padded and the cushion is not securely placed, it will not be a pleasant experience for the client.

When choosing a portable massage table, look for one with higher density than regular foam; lying on it is like being on a giant marshmallow. Soft and comfortable.

6. Quality of materials used.

Both leather and synthetic leather can be used in portable massage tables.

Leather is easy to clean and durable. PVC is a synthetic leather used in some massage tables, but they are not as soft to the skin. Polyurethane or PU is another leather substitute; it feels more like natural leather to the touch.

Choose upholstery that's CFC-free with strong reinforcement backing for added durability.

The wood used in the table should be one of the best, like the wooden walnut. It must be formaldehyde- and carcinogen-free-meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) law. 

Though the table should be solid, it still must be easy to use. Look for portable massage tables with soft-touch leg-lock knobs for safety and stability without straining yourself in using them.

7. Mobility

Because you will have clients requiring home service, it is crucial for massage tables to be portable. Though durable and solid materials, they should still be lightweight to carry around.

8. Cost

Never compromise the price for the quality. Look for portable massage tables that are premium-quality but reasonably priced. Check out and make a wise investment.

Master Massage 28" Argo Portable Massage Table Package has the 10 crucial things to look for in a massage table

9. Brand reputation or social proof

Brands come and go, but reputation stays. Before buying a portable massage table, look for brands that can be trusted.

Master Massage has been number one since 1998, providing professional massage tables, chairs, massage oils, heaters, and other accessories.

Check out customer reviews on different sites and social media and client feedback after trying the massage tables.

Feel at home at your massage table

As a massage therapist, it's crucial that you feel as comfortable as possible at your portable massage table. Massage tables have adjustable heights that allow you to adjust the table according to your needs. You should find one that will enable you to bend, stretch, and reach all your tools quickly. It's best to test out a few different tables before buying your own, so you can see which ones fit you best.

A massage table that's easy to store

Look for a massage table with fold-away legs or arms, measure the space you want to spend on it, and look for a massage table that fits in that space
look for a table with a long enough leg or arm that can be folded up a massage table that is easy to move around a massage table that can be put away when not in use

A portable massage table that is easy to store in a closet makes a big difference when that table takes up very little space. Look for a massage table with fold-away legs or arms, and keep in mind the amount of room you want to allow for it.

For example, if you have less than six feet of space available in your bedroom, look for a massage table with fold-away legs or arms at least four feet long so they can be folded up.

Look for massage tables with fold-away legs or arms.

Look for a table that folds down to a size greater than about 14” by 36”. That's the ideal size for portability and storage. However, you will need to measure the area you want to spend on and look for a massage table that includes that space. Measure the distance you want to spend on it, and look for a massage table that fits in that space.

Measure the space you want to spend on it, and look for a massage table that fits in that space.


10. Durable construction hardwood frame

You can't predict which client will walk in the door or call you for an appointment. 

From babies who need touch therapy, athletes who need to relieve muscle soreness, the exhausted pregnant or new mom, the busy millennial, or the elderly who need holistic care, your massage table should be ready, comfortable, and accommodate clients from all walks of life.

The table should withstand heavy loads, even up to 400 pounds. 

Look for portable massage tables made of durable hardwood frames for this purpose.



Before buying a portable massage table, look for the features and requirements necessary for you.

How long do I need my table? Some people prefer adjustable tables while others want fixed-length ones. A more extended massage table allows more space for taller clients than average. It also allows for accessories such as oils and towels during treatments. 

Check out Bio Healing Plus' massage table collection here.

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