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One of the most important tools a good therapist should be equipped with is a versatile and portable massage table.

There are many options available online.

But which features do you need to consider before investing your hard-earned money?

Here are ten crucial things you need to look for in a portable massage table if you want your clients to have the most unforgettable and relaxing massage experience.

10 Crucial Things to Look for In a Portable Massage Table

Width & Length Dimension

Even if you know the most complex hand techniques…

Even if you possess exceptional reflexology skills…

If the massage table is not wide or long enough to accommodate your client, it will be an uncomfortable experience – which defeats the purpose of the massage.

The dimension of the massage table should be well suited for both the therapist and the client.

Find a table that will accommodate almost all clients’ body types and height.

The most comfortable width for therapists to work on is a massage table that’s around 28 to 30 inches wide. Anything wider than that could make the session arduous.

Therapists who are on the petite side should go for the narrower 28 inches size so it’s not hard to lean over.

There are also tables with 30 to 32 inches dimension. Wide tables can accommodate large-sized clients. Tall clients need longer tables so their feet don’t dangle uncomfortably during the massage.


So you don’t strain or exert too much effort while doing the massage, the ideal height of the massage table should be at your hip joint.

This is why it’s crucial for the massage table to be adjustable.

Generally, massage tables’ heights can be adjusted from 22 – 38 inches.

You can gain flexibility and full-body strength without putting a strain on your spine by doing stretches on this table.

Weight support capacity

The “working weight” refers to the weight that a massage table can hold. It’s the weight of your clients and the pressure you put while working.

The Master Massage 28" Argo table boasts a whopping 1,000-pounds static weight support and a 450-pounds working weight support! This awesome capacity and strength is possible because of the rigorous testing done to the table and because of the quality of materials used; it’s also due to the exclusive and innovative design of some of the hardware used, like our patented Duo-Plane Center Hinges which wrap around the center wood joint, thus making this normally vulnerable area unbreakable.

Accessories and sections

You’ll be using oil so it’s important for the table to be also oil-proof on top of it being water-proof for those who sweat.

Simple 6-Way adjustable face cradle, standard face cushion and convenient carrying case.
allows the cushion to reduce forehead and cheekbone pressure to create a maximum comfort embrace. Angle is adjustable. Treat your massage clients to the customized comfortable. This dynamic face cradle allows you to adjust for angle is designed to fit any Stationary or Portable Massage Table with Face Cradle Ports that are 8 inches apart.

One table, two massage experience? Choose our table with Shiatsu Cable Release you will have a tatami experience. This special feature lets customers detach the cable from table legs with an effortless twist along the butterfly knot. Without the cable, two leg panels can easily fold in for our massage table to lay flat on the floor ready for any massage.

Large Contoured Armrest Shelf (fully adjustable)
You'll love this Large, fully adjustable Armrest Shelf that is Strong, Thickly Padded, and Contoured to give maximum comfort to your clients!
Our Armrest Shelf is over 2x larger and unbreakable!

Padding comfort and thickness

Have you ever gone for a massage and though the therapist was good you couldn’t focus because your face and body are in agonizing pain against the table?

If the table is not well-padded and the cushion is not securely placed, it will not be a pleasant experience for the client.

When choosing a portable massage table, look for a one with higher density than regular foam that lying on it is like being on a giant marshmallow. Soft and comfortable.

Quality of materials used

Leather, synthetic leather
Leather – easy to clean and durable
easy to clean and is very durable, though it’s not the most pleasant against the skin.
CFC-free Upholstery with Strong Reinforcement Backing for Extra Durability

The European beech wood legs-stained walnut are protected by a hi-gloss, rich Dura Seal finish, and all wood used in the table is formaldehyde- and carcinogen-free-meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) law. Bhp - All wood is Formaldehyde & Carcinogen FREE, meets strict California Air Resources Board (CARB) Law!

Wooden Walnut Legs

Ease of use
Soft-Touch Leg-lock Knobsfor Safety and Stability


Standard Carry Case
This skillfully crafted Carry Case is far from a normal case - only the finest and best materials were used in its construction.
All the hardware on the carrying case is made of a heavy metal instead of cheap plastic, increasing its durability and ease of use. It is an effortless and convenient way to store and transport your portable massage table!


Stability and quality

Exclusive Numbered Leg Adjustment Holes

The 28-inch Argo table comes with our exclusive numbered leg adjustment holes for Quick and Easy, accurate height adjustment.

No more guessing or fumbling to adjust all four leg heights; the numbers make it easy, fast and accurate!

Brand reputation or social proof
You should be ready for anything.
Consider requests for a home service or accommodating clients of any body type and height.

Feel at home at your massage table

As a massage therapist, it's crucial that you feel as comfortable as possible at your portable massage table. Massage tables have adjustable heights that allow you to adjust the table according to your needs. You should find one that allows you to bend and stretch, and also reach all of your tools easily. It's best to test out a few different tables before buying your own so you can see which ones fit you best.

A massage table that's easy to store

Look for a massage table with fold-away legs or arms measure the space you want to spend on it, and look for a massage table that fits in that space
look for a table with a long enough leg or arm that can be folded up a massage table that is easy to move around a massage table that can be put away when not in use

A portable massage table that is easy to store in a closet makes a big difference when that table takes up very little space. Look for a massage table with fold-away legs or arms, and keep in mind the amount of room you want to allow for it.

For example, if you have less than six feet of space available in your bedroom, look for a massage table with fold-away legs or arms that are at least four feet long so they can be folded up.

Look for massage tables with fold-away legs or arms.

Look for a table that folds down to a size greater than about 14” by 36”. That's the ideal size for portability and storage, though you may be able to go larger if you are storing it in a fixed location like your vehicle or office.

Measure the space you want to spend on it, and look for a massage table that fits in that space.

The most important thing to consider when shopping for a portable massage table is the space you have available to spend on the table. You should have enough room around the table for your body and arms, and if you don't, it will be difficult to do your job properly.

you should have enough space around the table for your body and arms
if you're too close to the table, you won't be able to do your job properly
you should also measure the space where you want to store it

The right size

You should be able to find a good portable massage table that can fit your space quite easily. However, you will need to measure the space you want to spend on it and look for a massage table that fits in that space. Measure the space you want to spend on it, and look for a massage table that fits in that space.

Durable construction hardwood frame

Durable construction with a hardwood frame

A massage table with a long enough leg or arm that can be folded up.

Thanks to its durable construction with a hardwood frame and reinforced steel cabling, this table is designed to withstand up to 400 pounds of weight. The foam on the table itself is also made of high-density foam and has been covered in oil- and waterproof polyurethane. All of these features make it an ideal choice for anyone wanting a portable massage table that they can rely on to be long-lasting. Plus, it folds up easily into its own carrying case, which comes with an adjustable shoulder strap so you can carry it comfortably wherever you need to go.

Give yourself some space around your body

it's important to be able to move around freely to reduce the risk of injury
how much space you need depends on the size of the table and the size of your body

if you are tall, you need more space around you to fit on the table
Be sure there are no loose parts or pieces of equipment, or other objects that could cause harm.

Another crucial thing to look for in a portable massage table is if there are any loose parts or pieces of equipment, or other objects that could cause harm. For example, check the edges of the table to ensure they're dull and that they won't accidentally cut through a sheet and cause injury. Additionally, be sure all the wheels are firmly attached so there's no risk of them detaching while you're using it.

check for sharp edges
check for loose parts


Before you buy a portable massage table, look for the features and requirements that are important to you

How long do I need my table? Some people prefer adjustable tables while others want fixed-length ones. A longer massage table allows more space for clients who are taller than average. It also gives more room for accessories such as oils and towels during treatments. If an adjustable height range seems like it could work for your business needs best then look no further than our top-rated portable massage tables list below:

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