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The lightweight portable massage table is one of the great equipment of all time in the spa. Massage therapy is enjoyed by people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Since massage does not have any known adverse side effects, it can be safely practiced as a daily health regimen or therapeutic treatment. With an excellent massage table in hand, you will be able to offer great treatments to your customers.

Don’t choose the wrong furniture for your Spa! Massage tables and chairs are considered essential accessories in any Spa. So you must choose one that will be able to last longer with no or very less maintenance. 

You might be wondering what is...

What Are Portable Massage Tables?

Portable Massage tables are one of the most important pieces of equipment in a Spa. Seen as an essential piece of equipment, each customer will have a different expectation and requirement for the massage table. Also, this is an item that is used by your clients from time to time so it will be imperative that the table should be highly equipped in terms of flexibility and usability. The following factors need to be considered when choosing a massage table:-

1) Size- It is vital that you buy a compact and compact massage table so as to provide your clients with privacy as well as comfort when using it. The massage table needs to also fit in with your existing facilities since every Spa has its own particular layout.

2) Durability-You need to invest in a massage table that will be able to withstand the heavy usage it is likely to undergo in a Spa. In addition to making sure that the massage table is durable, you should also make sure that it has a sturdy construction. The table should also have supports underneath it since it is likely to be placed on hard floors.

3) Mobility-Depending on the size and type of your spa, you might need additional accessories so that your customers can easily use the massage table. You may have big equipment which requires a big room as well as space which are both not likely to be available in most spas.

You might be wondering what the best portable massage table is? Well, here are some of them:

Our Top Picks!

Pisces Pro New Wave II Lite Portable Massage Table - BioHealing Plus

Pisces Pro New Wave II Lite Portable Massage Table

This is an example of an innovative massage table product from the market. It is a portable massage table that makes it very convenient and comfortable for you to use. It also comes with rubber bumpers (which are adjustable) to keep the table from moving during treatments.

This is one of the best products that you can find in the market today. In fact, this is one of only a few products available today that have received acclaim by both users and experts alike. This is one of the top-selling tables in the market today. You can buy it for only $545!

Master Massage 30" CORONADO™ SALON Portable Massage Table Package - BioHealing Plus

Master Massage 30" CORONADO™ Portable Massage Table Package

Extra broad 30” Coronado portable massage table with 3” thick cushion of Exclusive high-density Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam. This table is sophisticated enough for daily use—ergonomic Dream Adjustable Face Cradle with heat-sensitive and pressure point alleviating Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam. With the fully adjustable curving arm shelf, you can customize the table for maximum comfort!

This table from Master Massage is a high-quality massage table with a padded face cradle, contoured rollers, and metal arm sliders. It has an excellent sliding system with a solid hooded lock for safety. This product is currently available for $379.99.

Master Massage 31" SANTANA™ Portable Massage Table Package with Therma-Top® - BioHealing Plus

Master Massage 31" SANTANA™ Portable Massage Table Package with Therma-Top®

To make your massage even more pleasurable, they've included memory foam in our 31" Santana Therm-Top portable massage table!

If you are looking for the most comfortable table on the market, go further than the DreamTM Adjustable Face Cradle and Memory Foam Layered Pillow! If you want both Reiki leg panels and Shiatsu cable release, this is the table for you.

It's still not over! Included in the purchase of this table is an adjustable warming system from Therma-Top! This is because of the Therma-Top, which has a built-in adjustable heating system that makes your massage even more revitalizing and soothing. You and your clients can safely use it because it is devoid of EMR (Electronic Magnetic Radiation).

This massage table is now available for $499.99.

Master Massage 31" Montclair™ Portable Massage Table Package with MEMORY FOAM Layer - BioHealing Plus

Master Massage 31" MONTCLAIR™ Portable Massage Table Package with Therma-Top

If you have been looking for a product that will fit your needs, this is a perfect match. This massage table gives you several wonderful benefits. Read on to find out more about the amazing features of this massage table.

It has a strong construction made of mahogany hardwood legs that are powder coated to prevent rusting. This lightweight, portable massage table can withstand heavy traffic in the Spa without any problem. This massage table is now available for $499.99.

Master Massage Maxking Comfort Electric Massage Table - Black - one of our top 5 best portable massage table

Master Massage Maxking Comfort Electric Massage Table - Black

This lightweight portable massage table from Master Massage is a good choice for those who need a table that does not have too many features. It is comfy, reliable, and durable. The adjustable face cradle and Memory Foam layered pillow make the table even more comfortable to use.

Fully Adjustable Face Cradle with heated pillow inserts and 2" thick memory foam layered-pile padding covered with exclusive Therma-Top heating unit. This best-selling massage table from Master Massage is now available for only $1,999.99!

Things to Remember:

1. Ask for a free trial session:

This is important because you will have the chance to experience the massage chair before buying it. Any good-quality massage chair should be one you would love to try out before buying it.

2. Make sure that the masseur is trained:

You do not want to visit a massage center with an inadequately trained masseur and have a bad experience resulting from it. The most basic requirement for any professional masseur is to be certified and licensed by the necessary authorities. You can confirm this by checking their website or calling them directly on their telephone number.

4. Cleanliness:

The cleanliness of the place is a great factor to consider because this serves as an indicator that they care about their clients and their work. A clean and tidy shop is sure to give you a relaxing experience during your massage session.

5. Ask for a trial session:

Finally, this is one important tip. This is because you will have the chance to experience the massage chair before buying it. Any good-quality massage chair should be one you would love to try out before buying it.

There are many different types of massage chairs and all of them have unique features and benefits that make a difference in your sessions. This guide should help you choose the most appropriate one for you, depending on your requirements and budget. Make sure that you also pay attention to the aforementioned factors before finally buying and going for a session on such equipment.

Final Thoughts

It is clear that a lightweight portable massage table offers numerous benefits. However, the traditional massage table design was scrapped a long time ago due to several limitations it had to offer. 

Portable massage tables are the far better option in today's market since they have higher mobility, provide useful features, and are instead made of lightweight materials to reduce the overall weight.

Have decided what portable massage table to buy? And now you are thinking if there are second-hand commercial massage chairs for sale that will suit your budget? There are plenty of body massage chairs that are available on the market, as well on the buy and sell platforms such as Bio Healing Plus and Panasonic massage chairs! Check our products now!

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