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Relax & Relieve Stress 😌 100% Rest Easy Guarantee
Relax & Relieve Stress 😌 100% Rest Easy Guarantee
A Detailed Guide on the Best Quality Massage Chairs for Your Home - Biohealing Plus

A Detailed Guide on the Best Quality Massage Chairs for Your Home

Should I buy massage chair?

This is probably the lingering question in your head as you try to combat your backache from sitting in front of the computer all day or your exhausted legs from weeklong camping. Whatever it is that you’re suffering from, you probably need a personal masseuse. This is where the search for the best quality massage chairs for your home starts. 

We understand that some people might have this little hesitation to purchase. For one, it’s a big investment on a financial aspect. Add to this the space investment as it covers a large space within your home. However, there are ways to remedy these worries, primarily by finding the best quality massage chairs on the market. 

To guide you in the decision making process, here are five of the top massage chairs that will bring you comfort. This detailed buying guide will assist you as you make your first purchase. 


The Best Quality Massage Chairs for Your Home


Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair


Human Touch Super Novo Best Quality Massage Chair for your Home


If you’re looking for an advanced offering that will bring you a three dimensional massage, the Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair is perfect for you. It has an efficient design that will target the entirety of your spine, shoulders, and thighs. This is possible through its unique L- and S- track systems which enables it to extend its massage coverage. 

You’ll also love its amazing dual lumbar heat that is not usually present in ordinary massage chairs. This feature sends out targeted and adjustable heat that helps relieve body pain, loosen tight muscles, and soothe the whole body. 

The most unique offering that the Super Novo massage chair offers is the advanced technology that it houses. It is the first massage chair to integrate Amazon’s Alexa who serves as the virtual therapist. As a starter, it spearheads the massage by starting a few critical questions, such as your massage preference or physical requirements, so it can tailor the massage requirements to your needs and liking. It also has the capability to follow your requests by giving them specific orders like, ‘Alexa, please tell my Novo to give me a massage.’ 

This massage chair comes in different colors and costs $9,999.00. 


Synca - CirC Compact Massage Chair


Synca - CirC Compact Massage Chair


If you’re too concerned about the space that will fill up by your massage chair, then you’ve probably haven’t found the perfect fit for your needs. The Synca - CirC Compact Massage Chair is one of the best quality massage chairs for your home due to its size. This SL-track massage chair strays away from the concept that massage chairs are just too big and bulky. The structure also targets the foundation of support structure, the pelvic region, as these are associated with the muscle movement of both the vertebral core and the lower leg. 

This massage chair is an ergonomic chair that allows its user to sit at a comfortable position. Its design comprises a 106-degree angle between the backrest and the seat which gives an angle that is good for the posture. 

What’s also good about this offering is its ability to bring a calming atmosphere as you try to destress. Its ambient side lighting prepares your brain for a good night’s sleep. 

The Synca - CirC Compact Massage Chair is priced at $999.99. 


Master Massage Rio Portable Massage Chair

Master Massage Rio Portable Massage Chair - Agate Blue


If you’re tight on budget and keep on thinking how much do massage chair cost, the Master Massage Rio Portable Massage Chair may be your answer. This is placed on the cheaper end of the spectrum at $549.99. Despite this, rest assured that this is still a good deal. 

First, it's one of the first innovations that balances weight and portability. Despite it being lightweight at 24 lbs, it offers high durability with a working capacity of 600 lbs. The materials that are used, from the aircraft grade aluminum frame to the reinforced nylon that are made of fiberglass, ensures both its safety and durability. 

The Rio Portable Massage Chair is also considered as the best quality massage chairs for your home for it houses an ergonomic design. Through its Exclusive Small Cell™ Foam Cushioning System, you’ll definitely feel relaxed as it gives you superior comfort. Add to this its infinitely adjustable parts such as the art rest, chest pad, face cradle, and seat pad. There is also a removable kneeling pad that allows it to be used by any client, whatever his or her size is, for it brings the most optimal client positioning. 

The most unique feature that it has, however, is its ability to both be portable and storable. Its package allows you to bring it with a tailored wheeled carrying case (luggage style) which allows you to transfer it easily anywhere around the house or even when you want it to accompany you on your next trip. 


Synca - Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair


Synca - Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair


Searching for a massage chair that is aesthetic enough to fit your home? Through the Synca - Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair, you get to have a taste of both the traditional and modern world. It’s engineered to blend anywhere to the point that it does not seem too stuck in the past but neither too modern that will look too playful and out of place. 

You will also won’t go wrong with this in terms of functionality. It has a precise 4D technology that aims to replicate the amazing Shiatsu techniques of Japan. Its 4D feature enables it to apply a rhythmic combination of horizontal, vertical, and deep motions. There’s also an option to craft a custom magic that satisfies your liking by selecting any auto or manual techniques. Don’t forget to save them just in case you need to feel this type of massage again in the future. 

It’s also flexible and adjustable which makes it one of the best quality massage chairs for your home. It offers a multifunctional footrest that may be utilized for the following purposes: 


  • May be maneuvered for a foot and calf massage; 
  • May be flipped for storage and save space; and
  • May be adjusted to become a recliner perfect for resting and sleeping. 


It also values experience through its immersive audio experience. There are Bluetooth speakers that are integrated into the headrest to allow you to listen to music while relaxing. If you’re more of a TV person, these speakers may be connected to your smart TV so you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows. This chair is definitely a mix of comfort and experience. 

With all of its features, this chair is definitely worth the bucks at $5,499.99. 


Human Touch ZeroG® 5.0 Massage Chair


Human Touch ZeroG® 5.0 Massage Chair


The Human Touch ZeroG® 5.0 Massage Chair is designed to simulate a massage that comes from experts. It is spearheaded by the One-Step Go To Zero feature that allows you to reach a zero-gravity position with just one touch of a button. This position is a neutral-placement that allows a person to relieve spine pressure. Add to this the massage that goes along with this position wherein the chair gives a soft synchronized rock that is definitely refreshing. 

This massage chair also has a great combination of manual and auto-programs. These auto-programs are patented Human Touch Technology that are pegged from real-life masseuses. On the other hand, the 4 manual massage techniques are namely Ease, Tone, Flex, and Stretch. 

The Human Touch ZeroG® 5.0 Massage Chair costs $3,499. 


Do Massage Chairs Really Help?

The short answer is yes. The perfect massage chairs stimulate your blood and target your muscles for pain relief. The caveat, however, is that you have to choose the best quality massage chair so you can reap the benefits from it. Just make sure to consider the best massage chairs for your home mentioned above and you’re on your way to the comfort city. 

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