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Are Massage Chairs Safe for Pregnant Women?

Are Massage Chairs Safe for Pregnant Women?

The question that many people ask when it comes to massage chairs is whether or not they are safe for pregnant women. While some believe that massage chairs should not be used by pregnant women, others find that massage chairs help deal with the discomforts of pregnancy by relaxing and rejuvenating expectant mothers.

People frequently ask me whether massage chairs are safe to use during pregnancy. The short answer is: Absolutely! That is because pregnant women need to relax, and there is no better way to do this than by getting a massage in one of these vibrating seats. Plus, if you want to reduce back discomfort and improve your blood flow, a massage chair is fantastic.

Some wonder if massage chairs are safe during pregnancy. There are several opinions on how to use a massage chair. 

How Do Massage Chairs Work?


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Massage chairs apply mechanical vibrations and movements to knead, press, or move the body. They are designed to imitate a masseur's hand movements or a massage therapist's skills. Massage chairs often use Swedish or Shiatsu massage techniques. They are designed to imitate the work of a masseur's hands. Your choices in such chairs include pressure points and rollers, as well as heating pads.

Chairs that massage work in a very similar way to actual human masseuses. The purpose is to make you feel like you're getting a massage.


Is It Safe To Use A Massage Chair When Pregnant?

Pregnant women have many questions about using massage chairs. Some manufacturers have taken steps to ensure their product is safe for pregnant women to use. However, they still avoid massage chairs for safety. This is for two reasons:

Pressure nods

Left hand massaging the right pinky finger

Acupressure areas may help induce labor in pregnant women. Vibrations from massage chairs can potentially help induce labor in pregnant people who are overdue. Pregnant women should consult with their obstetrician before pressing the pressure nodes on a chair.

This ancient practice may offer relief to pregnant women who are overdue. However, they should not press the points and should consult their physicians first. Massage chairs are not recommended for pregnant women.

Massage chairs can be safe for pregnant women to use. They might even help protect against muscle and joint problems, too. But safety is a concern, too. For example, the vibrations from the massage chair could hurt the baby or interfere with its growth.

First, massage chairs create a vibration that imitates the physical movement of the person seated on it. Second, your baby is cushioned and protected from sudden impacts by the amniotic sac, which coats and lines the membranes inside your womb.

Heat Pad

Heating pad for massage

Pregnant women who spend too much time in a hot environment may experience hyperthermia, and this can be detrimental to their baby's growth in the womb. However, no studies have been done to prove that massage chairs with heating pads can contribute to fetal growth, so it's recommended that pregnant women continue to enjoy these chairs—as long as they don't stay in them for too long and keep themselves cool.

Advanced Pregnancy Massage Chair

Pregnant women can enjoy the health benefits of massage chairs. Although you shouldn't use a massage chair while pregnant after reading about their risks, it's worth knowing how they may benefit you.

The makers of massage chairs advise that pregnant women should consult with their doctors before using one. However, according to the American Pregnancy Association, they are safe to use while pregnant. Massage chairs can benefit pregnant women in the following ways:

Stressed and depressed

Pregnant women have been found to experience stress and depression during and after pregnancy. It's important to relax as much as possible, however, they can. Massage chairs are a simple way to do this and can help relieve the stress and depression that many women experience during pregnancy.

The study found a 20-minute massage once a week for 16 weeks raises serotonin and dopamine levels and lowers cortisol. This leads to improved maternal health and the birth of a healthy baby.

Back & Legs Pain

As your baby grows, you can protect your back and legs from discomfort by taking precautions. Many pregnant women experience back and leg pain, especially during their third trimester of pregnancy. When you're seated in a massage chair, the chair can massage your legs gently. This can improve your back and legs.

Blood flow is increasing

Here are some things to consider when using a massage chair while pregnant. While massage chairs can be used during pregnancy, you should take some precautions and consult with your doctor first. 

Your body is more sensitive during pregnancy, and massage chairs can help you relax, which will make your pregnancy more comfortable.

  • Using a massage chair during the first trimester may harm your baby's growth and increase your risk of miscarriage.
  • Every 15-20 minutes, use a massage chair.
  • No need to cram yourself into a little massage chair to enjoy a nice treatment.
  • Avoid using a massage chair if you've had problems with prior pregnancies or if you're expecting.
  • Ask your doctor before using a massage chair.
  • You should also get your friend a Valentine's Day gift.


Remember that using massage chairs in moderation is okay! Pregnant women can use a massage chair without fear of harm to their unborn child. Massage chairs can also help with back and leg pain, even aiding the development of the baby by improving blood flow.

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