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Relax & Relieve Stress 😌 100% Rest Easy Guarantee
Relax & Relieve Stress 😌 100% Rest Easy Guarantee
Biohealing Plus- Best Buy Massage Table: Where Comfort and Relaxation Meet

Best Buy Massage Table: Where Comfort and Relaxation Meet

Many people see massage as a luxury since it is primarily available in luxurious spas and health clubs. Fortunately, more people can now access massage services in clinics, hospitals, and airports because they already offer them. If you have a massage business or plan to have a massage room in your home, we are here to introduce the best buy massage table.

A massage is a powerful tool that can bring you comfort and relaxation. It also has various health benefits that would enhance your well-being. Some health benefits include reducing stress and muscle pain and improving blood circulation and immune function. It also helps with anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and injuries.

One powerful tool in massage is a massage table. It aims to help therapists carry out duties according to their needs. Read more to learn how massage tables can improve your pamper sessions!


Guide to Buying a Massage Table

There are a variety of options for massage tables in the market. Finding the right massage table for you is the key to improving the quality of services and their effects on your body. 

It would be best to consider these factors before buying a massage table.


There are two types of massage tables: portable and fixed. Portable massage tables are more flexible since they can be folded and moved to another location. After choosing between portable and stationary massage tables, you need to select the model: tilt-back (also known as Reiki table) or flatbed. 

A tilt-back table has open ends and adjustable heads. The tilt-back table is advisable for acupuncture, reflexology, beauty treatments, head massage, and sports leg treatments. On the other hand, a flatbed massage table can neither be tilted nor adjusted, making it a simpler model than the tilt-back. 

Many massage therapists choose the tilt-back table between the two models since it is more flexible. It is also because therapists can use it in many services like those mentioned. You can check the products personally by searching ‘massage table near me!’.


The massage table's length, height, and width are also essential in providing comfort to clients. The table should be long and wide enough for clients to use it comfortably. For massage therapists, the height should be enough for you to work comfortably and ergonomically.

Weight Capacity 

The weight capacity of a massage table is measured by combining the weight of the client and the therapist. You should also consider the service you are performing. For shiatsu massage, the weight capacity of the table should be higher. 

Frame Material

The frame material of a massage table could be wood or metal. Both options are durable but may differ in aesthetics. Most massage therapists choose the wood frame material since it’s more relaxing to look at. On the other hand, metal frames are recommended for an electric bed. 


The best buy massage table should be within your budget. How much does a massage table cost depends on your quality and quantity preferences.

Like other products, it’s advisable to choose a quality table rather than a cheap massage table. An excellent portable table usually costs around $120, while professional tables cost around $150 to $300 or more. 


massage table for comfort and relaxation near the window


5 Best Buy Massage Table

Now, let’s move on to the best buy massage table for you. Most of the products that we are about to show are portable tables. 


Master Massage 30” CORONADO Portable Massage Table 

The Master Massage 30" CORONADO Portable Massage Table Package is the first best buy massage table.

This massage table is best for heavy daily use. Its design includes a 3” thick cushion of Exclusive high-density Multi-layer Small Cell FoamTM. It also has Exclusive Ergonomic DreamTM Adjustable Face Cradle. 

Here are the top reviews regarding this product.


  • It is more affordable compared to other branded massage tables.
  • The sturdy legs are remarkable.
  • It is recommended for student therapists and personal use.


  • The pillow does not provide excellent comfort.
  • The padding is not thick enough for heavy massages.
  • The table is heavy, making it challenging to move around.

You can see its pictures and purchase it for $379.99 in Bio Healing Plus!


Master Massage 31” SANTANA Portable Massage Table with Therma-Top

The Master Massage 31" SANTANA Portable Massage Table Package with Therma-Top is one of the top-rated reviews for heated massage tables. This table is equipped with memory foam and a built-in adjustable warming system.

Here are the top reviews regarding this product.


  • It is more sturdy compared to a cheap massage table.
  • It is comfortable to use.
  • You can use it for home massages.
  • The cushion is covered with leather, which makes it easy to maintain.


  • It weighs heavy, making it challenging to move around. You can move it by dragging it around.
  • The heat function sometimes emits odor during initial usage. 

If you are wondering how much does a massage table costs, the price is usually at the level of this product. This table costs $499.99!


Master Massage 31” Montclair Portable Massage Table Package with Memory Foam Layer

The Master Massage 31" Montclair Portable Massage Table Package with Memory Foam Layer is perfect for professional and personal use. This brand is known for its luxurious comfort and reliability that massage therapists trust. The table costs $499.99, the same as the SANTANA massage table.

Here are the top reviews regarding this product.


  • The headrest is comfortable to use.
  • The structure is sturdy, and it can effectively handle its weight capacity.
  • The thickness of the foam also increases its comfortability.


  • Customers experience differences in the size of the table.
  • There are times when it emits a strong odor that smells toxic.
  • The table may be too heavy to move around, which affects portability. 


Master Massage 30” Phoenix Portable Massage Table with Therma-Top

The Master Massage's Pheonix Therma-Top has the top-of-the-line built-in adjustable heat system that could boost your services. This product is EMR safe and ETL-Certified to North American safety standards.

Here are the top reviews regarding this product.


  • The face cradle and Therma-top are excellent.
  • The foam is comfortable to use, and the table's structure is sturdy.
  • It is recommended for professional and personal use.


  • It weighs heavy, making it a little harder to move and carry.
  • There were some issues with the heating system, such as it takes time to get warm.

The price of this massage table is $539.99, which is the most expensive of all products we've shared.


Master Massage 30” Ultra-Light Bel Air LX Aluminum Portable Massage Table 

The Master Massage’s Ultra-Light Bel Air massage table is recommended for students and professional therapists. This massage table is equipped with Nanotechnology upholstery, which is antimicrobial and UV protected. Among all the massage tables we reviewed, this product is the least expensive since it costs $349.99. 

Here are the top reviews regarding this product.


  • The table weighs light, which benefits traveling massage therapists.
  • It is recommended for light massages.
  • It is more affordable compared to other massage tables.
  • The structure makes it easier to understand how to use a massage table.


  • The structure may not be as sturdy as the other products.
  • The foam is not thick enough for heavy massages.


The quality of a massage table directly affects the therapist and their client. It can affect the quality of services and the client’s experience.

There are plenty of options for massage tables. There are many types, weights, and models of massage tables. You need to consider the factors you need to consider before buying: type, weight capacity, size, frame material, and price. Hence, it is essential to find the right, and best buy massage table to meet both parties' needs.

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