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  OS - 4D Paragon


The Osaki OS-4D Pro Paragon is the latest 4D massage chair with L-track and heating roller mechanism and packed with features to suit your needs: voice recording, space-saving technology, heating rollers on the footrest, and much more. Relax the way you need with Osaki 4D Pro Paragon.



Osaki OS-Pro Soho - 4D Massage Chair

The advanced 4D massage system provides a truly unparalleled massage experience. It performs wider, deeper, and more rhythmic massage than the conventional massage rollers.  And allows users to customize each massage session with 4 4D adjustments and 5 levels of speed adjustments. 




Multi-Angled L- Track 

The OS- 4D Pro Paragon's unique multi-angle L- track mechanism allows the rollers to move up and down when the chair reclines, providing a deep tissue massage on the hamstring area. 



 Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Voice RecognitionVoice Recognition

The Paragon OS-4D Pro has advanced technology that can recognize your voice and control massage modes. It recognizes 9 different phrases such as Chinese Massage, Pain Relief, Body Stretches, Experience, Relaxation, Zero Gravity Start, Voice Off, and Massage Chair Shutoff.



3D Airbag with position sensor

The Hiro LT offers 14 airbags that are located at the shoulders, arms, feet, and calf areas for a full body massage experience. Airbag compression massage helps increase blood circulation throughout the body to relieve pain and tension.


PictureHeated Back Roller Massage

With the most upgraded back heating system, OS-4D Pro Paragon is able to provide you with mild infrared heat. This allows for greater surface area and more comfort as it warms up your muscles from the neck all way down to the hamstrings.

Auto Leg Computer Scan

Hiro LT's auto leg scanner will scan your legs to ensure the optimal length for your height. You also can auto-adjust the leg component to extend or retract with its remote control.

Computer Body Scan

Auto body scan maps the key areas of the neck and back accurately and will auto-adjust to match your exact body shape and size, making each massage experience feel customized. 




Zero Gravity 

Inspired by NASA, and endorsed by physicians as the healthiest way to sit. The Zero Gravity position cradles your back in a recline position and elevates your legs above your heart, evenly distributing the weight throughout the back and providing better blood circulation. 


Space Saving Recline Technology 

Osaki's innovative design team has engineered a space-saving technology that slides the chair forward as the chair reclines. OS-4D Pro Paragon saves up to 3.15 inches of space from the wall.




 Calf Kneading

The rollers under the feet will travel along the sides and middle of your feet to provide a more hands-on kneading experience. Along with the foot rollers, the calf portion will inflate to the appropriate amount of pressure and then initiate a calf kneading massage. Allowing the calf portion to provide a calf kneading motion will increase the blood flow of the legs, helping them to reach a higher level of relaxation



Built-in Bluetooth Speaker 

 Equipped with Bluetooth technology which allows users to listen to their favorite music on a 4D surround sound system.



Led Remote & Remote Pocket

OS-4D Paragon's remote control displays all the functions of your massage chair, making it easy for you to select and customize settings.




 Auto Leg Extension & Covered Foot Rest

The Paragon's auto leg scanner will scan your legs to ensure the optimal length for your height. The foot component extends and retracts within 8.7” automatically. Simply apply pressure with the feet to indicate to the leg scanner that the length is at the desired and comfortable position for a better massage


 Heating on Foor Roller

The Paragon has a spinning reflexology massage roller that provides soothing kneading style applications. As the roller spins, it stimulates acupuncture points, and as the airbags inflate it will generate a much deeper massage along the bottoms of your feet.





The Osaki OS-Pro Paragon Manual:
 The Osaki OS-4000CS Manual