Sunray Barrett 1-Person Hemlock Indoor Infrared Sauna HL100K2

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Julia Grimes
Great product & aesthetics

Product was very easy to assemble. I practically put it together by myself except for when I attached the back wall to one of the side walls. After that it s a one man show. Instructions were clear and once completed I took a shop vac and got out all the wood dust and shipping materials left behind. I let it heat up to a 100 degrees too burn off any manufactured residue for about 30 min after that I set the temp to 140 and jumped in for 30 min and got a satisfying sweat. Only complaint there is some air coming in through the door hing area. Not really noticeable unless you are like me and are checking for possible leaks in the cabin. I am not sure of any health benefits at this time and would have to come back a couple of month from now to comment on any health benefits. For the price I am more than happy

Geoffrey Hansen
All you need for private sauna

As someone who is chronically stressed I have tried a thousand different outlets to help me relax. I told my wife about how I use to use the sauna everyday at the gym I went to out in California. They are virtually non-existent in most Michigan gyms. Anyway I decided to see if I could get on for home. Came across this. Although it does have some high EMF ratings it is amazing. It is fantastic post workout or just to get some solitude. My only complaints are: the stereo and speakers are cheap; I m already changing them out. I wish it would get a little warmer. Mine maxes out at about 138. The color light needs to be more plentiful. Still five stars.

Heath Steuber
Best purchase for pain relief and health

There are so many things I can say about this sauna.I carry a lot of tension in my body. So I use them most days. I can feel the muscles in my face relax as my body warms up.It definitely helps you sweat out the daily toxins. Which leads to softer smoother skin. Thus I believe I can confirm that I have found the fountain of youth. It was inside us all along. And it comes from our sweat glands. Lol!This thing is light weight and super easy to move around take down put up and any other things you can think of.It is a great product for personal use. It has some nice bells and whistles it s accessories. The cup holders are great the red light district vibes it gives with the light panels. You should see it when I pose in front of the glass. My husband thinks it s hysterical.Anyways in my next life I ll definitelyake this purchase again.

Rey Satterfield
AWESOME! so excited to keep on using it

I bought this last week. We ve been debating a sauna for almost 2 years now and I finally pulled the trigger. quality is great and setup is EASY! I m hoping the quality down the road lasts because we will be using a lot.


The Barrett 1-2 person indoor infrared sauna with advanced carbon-nano heaters provides a comfortable yet cozy cabin to relax and relieve the day's stress away. Five strategically placed carbon-nano heaters provide a smooth evenly dispersed heat up to 140 degrees. The Barrett is easy to assemble and will comfortably fit in any room in your home. Includes Bluetooth speaker system, ergonomic backrest, air purification system, cup holders and interior and exterior keypads for convenience.

Product Features:
  • Exterior Dimensions: 36W" x 42D" x 75H" 
  • Interior Dimensions: 32W" x 32D" x 68H"
  • Larger than any other 1-person sauna!
  • Product Weight: 210

Wood Type: Solid Canadian Red Cedar wood - Smooth and naturally appealing yet durable with a pleasant aroma.

Heater Type: Carbon-nano Infrared Heaters - Advanced low EMF carbon-nano heaters.

Special Features:
  • Natural Canadian Hemlock Wood
  • 5 advanced carbon-nano heaters
  • Dual LED control panels
  • Outside LED Lighting
  • Ergonomic backrest
  • Bluetooth 
  • Oxygen Ionizer
  • 1290 watts
Power: ETL/CSA Certified - Meets all US and Canadian electrical safety standards - 120V, 15 amp plug