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Relax & Relieve Stress 😌 100% Rest Easy Guarantee
Relax & Relieve Stress 😌 100% Rest Easy Guarantee
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How to Stay Healthy and Comfortable When Traveling

Traveling is supposed to be fun, but sometimes it can get stressful, especially if you're traveling a long distance. Whether it’s a family vacation, solo getaway, or for work, long trips can be physically exhausting and mentally draining. So if you want to stay healthy and comfortable when traveling, here are some tips:


How to Stay Healthy and Comfortable When Traveling


1. Take time to unwind before you leave. 

Before your trip, find time to relax and prepare yourself mentally for the journey ahead. Go for a walk, read a book, get a massage, and get in the sauna for at least 15-20 minutes. 


2. Bring something that can relieve stress and anxiety. 


Time killer

If you love books, bring a physical book that can fit in your bag or, better yet, an e-reader. If you're taking the plane and love reading, download a digital copy of a book you've wanted to read. 

If you're driving, listen to audiobooks. 

Have your favorite playlist ready. 

If you’re traveling in the car with family or friends, prepare a fun driving game that everyone can join in so you can pass the time without getting bored.


Muscle pain relief

Staying healthy while traveling could be difficult if you sit down for hours. It can lead to muscle pain and soreness. 

Relieve knotted muscles with travel-size massagers and tools for heat therapy. 

Here are some of our favorite travel companions to stay healthy:


Master Massage EGM Remote Neck Massager
Master Massage EGM Remote Neck Massager


4. Bring healthy snacks. 

How to stay healthy while staying in a hotel? Bringing your own food ensures you'll get the nutrition you need and don't starve when waiting in places away from home.

And it's the same whether you're traveling for work or leisure, especially going long distances. 

You can’t be sure what restaurants or refreshments are available where you’re going but eating healthy while traveling is a must. 

So here are some healthy food and snacks to pack:

  • Fresh fruits and veggies (optional: dips)
  • Mixed nuts
  • Protein bars and energy bites (homemade ones are better)
  • Veggie chips
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Sandwiches 
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Dark chocolates

Remember to bring drinking water. Or a bottle you can refill at the airport. Also, limit your intake of alcohol and sweets.


5. Pack light and smart.

Choose what essentials you want to bring along with you on your trip. 

Packing light makes it easier to move around while traveling and saves you time at security checkpoints. 

Only bring items you need or use regularly. If you need something you don't want to carry with you all day, rent it instead (e.g., strollers).

Pack everything in labeled zippered bags or other containers so unpacking is quick and easy once at your destination.

Man packing comfortable clothes in a suitcase


6. Stay hydrated.

Dehydration is one of the leading causes of exhaustion during long-distance trips. 

So make sure you drink plenty of water before embarking on your journey, especially if it will take longer than two hours by car or plane and in hot climates.


7. Wear comfortable clothes.

Bring clothes that are easy to move around in and will keep you warm if the temperature drops unexpectedly during the trip (e.g., sweaters). 

You should also wear comfortable shoes to avoid hurting your feet which could affect your traveling.


8. Bring your supplements, vitamins, and medications.

Depending on where you’re traveling, you won’t always get quality food or the right amount of caloric intake your body requires. 

You can stay healthy while flying (or driving long distances) when you pack your supplements and vitamins. 

Also, have some essential oils ready—for example, eucalyptus oil for stomach gas, headache, bites, and motion sickness.

If you have any chronic conditions like asthma or diabetes, ensure they're under control before leaving home. 

Take your medications with you when traveling so that if something happens, you'll have some form of treatment available until you can get back home or see a doctor in person.


9. Be ready for emergencies.

Bring your emergency kit with medicines for stomachache, nausea, headache, body pain, bug protection, and essentials for minor injuries. 


10. Rest.

Be sure you get enough rest before your trip and sneak in power naps while traveling. 

Going to places is exciting, but you won't be able to enjoy yourself much if your energy is down and exhaustion takes its toll on your health. 

Take melatonin as it’s natural and helps you sleep better, especially if you have jetlag or a change in your circadian rhythm. 


11. Stay clean and sanitary.

Remember to pack sanitizer sprays, wipes, or disinfectant. Put them where you can access them easily, like in the outside pocket of your bag. One of the most practical health tips while traveling is always to wash your hands before and after eating, especially in public places.

 mother sanitizing daughter while traveling

12. Stay active.

You can stay fit while traveling by doing indoor exercises even when you’re cooped up in your hotel room. 

During long drives, take frequent breaks to stretch your legs and back. 

Most hotel rooms also have gyms and pools, so be sure you utilize these facilities, especially when you're staying in for days (and enjoying the breakfast buffet a little too much). 

Check if they also have a sauna or steam room so you can sweat out stress and give yourself a break from the long trip, carrying heavy bags, and the adrenaline rush that comes with traveling. 

Bring the Master Massage Electric Rock  Vibrating Foam Roller to speed up the time for preparation before exercise or muscle relaxation cool down.


13. Get mobile massage therapy.

Some hotels have spas or offer room-service massage therapy. 

You can enjoy these perks or look for a nearby wellness center or spa. Also, find establishments around the area that offer massage chair services. 

Have a healthy journey by packing your massage and heat therapy tools, such as:


In summary

Traveling can be fun, but it can also be hard on your body. Many factors can affect your health while traveling, from jet lag to exposure to germs and viruses. Stay healthy and comfortable throughout your trip, no matter how far, by prioritizing your wellness while traveling, preparing, and packing health essentials and the right tools. How do you stay healthy and comfortable when you travel? Share your tips in the comment section below!

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