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Relax & Relieve Stress 😌 100% Rest Easy Guarantee
Relax & Relieve Stress 😌 100% Rest Easy Guarantee
Osaki Massage Chairs: OP-4D Master vs Platinum Ai Xrest 4D+

Osaki Massage Chairs: OP-4D Master vs Platinum Ai Xrest 4D+

Osaki's offerings likely rank high on your radar if you're in the market for a top-tier massage chair. But with their two powerhouse models, the OP-4D Master and Platinum Ai Xrest 4D+, both offering a thorough and human-like shoulder massage, the decision can be agonizing. Don’t worry. Our head-to-head comparison cuts through the marketing fluff to highlight the differences between these two ergonomic massage chair champions.


Osaki OP-4D Master vs Osaki Platinum Ai Xrest 4D+: Which Massage Chair is the Best 

Both Osaki OP-4D Master and Platinum Ai Xrest 4D+ boast impressive features and promise thorough shoulder massage. But which one reigns supreme? Let's examine the key areas to help you decide which Osaki massage chair to invest in.


Osaki Massage Chair Comparison Chart

Massage Capabilities 

Osaki Massage Chair - Massage Capabilities

Tech Features

Osaki Massage Chairs - Tech Features

Comfort Factor

Osaki Massage Chairs - Comfort Factor

Dimensions & Price

Osaki Massage Chair - Dimensions & Price

Winning Edge

  • Osaki OP-4D Master: Alexa-enabled, budget-friendly.
  • Osaki Platinum Ai Xrest 4D+: Space-saving design, dome chromotherapy feature.

Looking at this comparison chart, you should be able to decide which is the best Osaki massage chair for you. Both massage chairs would benefit athletes, desk workers, people with chronic neck and shoulder pain, or holistic health enthusiasts. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your preferences and priorities.

How to Choose Your Ideal Massage Chair

Osaki OP-4D Master

Looking for a way to unwind at home and relieve stress? Massage chairs offer a tempting solution, but choosing the right one can feel overwhelming with so many features and brands available. Here are the top things to consider when buying a massage chair:

Massage Needs

Do you need gentle kneading for everyday tension or deep tissue pummeling for chronic knots? Are heat therapy and calves and feet rollers essential? Do you prefer different massage programs, speed, and intensity? Defining your massage goals is crucial as it will help refine your options.

Size matters

Most massage chairs cater to specific height ranges and sizes. Measure yourself and check the dimensions for compatibility. OP-4D and AI Xrest are the best Osaki massage chairs for tall people because they have adjustable footrests for different heights and types.


From AI-powered body mapping, voice control, and light therapy to Bluetooth surround system, consider which techy perks will enhance your experience.


Choose cushioning based on your comfort preference and desired massage intensity. Zero-gravity positions elevate your legs and reduce spinal pressure. Look for adjustable reclining angles and footrest extensions for optimal comfort.

Bonus Features

Heating elements in seats and backs can enhance relaxation. Some chairs offer leg massagers, built-in speakers, or aromatherapy diffusers. Consider the features that will elevate your massage session.


Let's be honest, massage chairs are investments. Set a realistic limit and explore financing options if needed. Quality should be a priority, but great options exist across price points. Look for a reputable reseller like Bio Healing Plus, offering a 100% Rest Easy Guarantee.

Bonus Tip

Research warranties and return policies. Warranties provide peace of mind, ensuring repairs or replacements in case of unexpected issues, guaranteeing you many years of blissful relaxation.

5 Tips Before Using a Massage Chair

woman drinking tea
  1. Hydrate. Stay hydrated to reduce muscle tension and stiffness and improve the effectiveness of your massage.
  2. Listen to your body. Don't push through pain. Start with gentler settings and gradually increase intensity if comfortable. Pay attention to any discomfort and adjust accordingly.
  3. Empty your pockets. Keys, phones, and other objects in your pockets can be uncomfortable and may damage the chair. Empty your pockets for a smoother ride.
  4. Relax. Let go of tension and allow your body to fully surrender to the massage. Deep, controlled breaths can further enhance relaxation and maximize the benefits.
  5. Consult your doctor if you have health concerns or medical conditions before using a massage chair.


Osaki Massage Chairs FAQs

Are Osaki massage chairs made in Japan?

Most Osaki massage chairs are primarily manufactured in China, with some components sourced from Taiwan or Japan. The Osaki 4D JP-650 massage chair is currently the only model made entirely in Japan.

Are Osaki massage chairs good?

Osaki massage chairs are generally considered to be high-quality massage chairs, offering a variety of features and massage styles at a range of price points. However, whether or not they are "good" for you will depend on your needs and preferences.

Takeaway: Best Osaki Massage Chair

So, which Osaki massage chair is the best? Both the OP-4D Master and Platinum Ai Xrest 4D+ offer advanced features that cater to distinct preferences. To find the right Osaki chair for you, prioritize your needs, test chairs, and read customer reviews. Osaki OP-4D Master or Platinum Ai Xrest 4D+ massage chair? Choose your champion.

Question for You

Which feature do you look for in a massage chair? Chromotherapy, heat therapy, or Bluetooth technology? Let us know in the comments!

If you’re in Texas and searching for ‘Osaki massage chair dealers near me,' look no further. Visit Bio Healing Plus and enjoy a price-matched guarantee.

Questions about Osaki massage chairs? Our customer service team is ready to assist you.

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