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Relax & Relieve Stress 😌 100% Rest Easy Guarantee | Free Shipping Available on All Saunas
6 Crucial Things You Need To Be The Best Massage Therapist

6 Crucial Things You Need To Be The Best Massage Therapist

Massage therapy is highly beneficial for mental and physical well-being. No wonder more people are seeking the best massage therapists they can find.

The massage therapist plays a significant role in providing holistic healthcare. 
What are the crucial things a massage therapist needs to have to stand out?


6 Crucial Things You Need to be the Best Massage Therapist

1. A clean and calm work environment

Your job as a massage therapist is to make your client feel comfortable before the session starts.

Keep the environment conducive for relaxing.



The tools and equipment used during the massage, like the massage table or chair, should be sanitized, and the sheets fresh and clean.

Additionally, the room or area must be clear of any clutter that is unpleasant to the eyes or might cause an accident.

It is necessary to choose tools that are easy to clean to avoid bacteria or mold forming.


Use soft, diffused light or ambient lighting to give a warm, comforting feeling. Avoid harsh artificial lights in the massage room.


Don't go heavy on the decorations and colors. Instead, use soft neutral colors, earth tones, blue or green to induce a relaxing vibe.

A minimalistic theme with indoor plants and furnishings is a better option if you want to give the client the best experience from start to finish.


The massage room should be below room temperature, as this helps the muscles relax more.


Play relaxing, harmonious spa music, meditation music, or sounds of nature.

Personal care

Pay attention to your appearance. Good hygiene habits are apparent.

Every client has a different preference. Always ask the client if they're comfortable with the lighting, temperature, and music.

If you're giving a home service, it's best to let the client know what an ideal massage environment should be like.

Clean and calm work environment for massage

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2. Excellent interpersonal skills

A massage therapist must know how to connect well and put the client at ease.

You should be able to communicate what you need to do so the client understands and knows what to anticipate.

Assist the client (especially if it's their first time getting a massage) and let them know how they will benefit from the therapy.

Some clients are chatty, and some prefer a quiet atmosphere, so you need to know how to strike the right balance.

The best massage therapist knows that communication is not just about speaking eloquently but also listening actively to what your client is trying to say, verbally or otherwise.

Being attuned to cultural differences and dealing with different personality types are essential soft skills in delivering excellent client service.

Interpersonal and communication skills, and a show of empathy, are crucial in building trust.

Clients who trust you will keep coming back for the best experience you offer.

Massage therapist showing excellent interpersonal skills with client

3. Exceptional skills and knowledge (versatility)

Proper training and experience are essential for a massage therapist to perform efficiently.

They should be knowledgeable about the different types of pain and remedies that massage can bring.

Clients have different needs, and the best massage therapist must be versatile to administer the techniques and methodology needed.

Injuries or pain exacerbations can be avoided if the therapist has learned the proper way and is skilled enough to give the massage.

Good knowledge of proper hygiene and sanitation, anatomy, physiology, and essential oil benefits contributes in a big way to client satisfaction.

Three massage therapists doing skills training with clients

4. The best massage therapist uses high-quality tools

Never compromise on the quality of the tools you use.

Your client can tell if the materials are substandard.

The tools often used for massage are hot stones, heat packs, massage tables, massage chairs or beds, massage oils and lotions, and foam rollers.

Choose the products that can help you deliver the best client experience.

For example, ensure the face pillows and the massage table are soft and comfortable. If they're not, the client will focus more on the discomfort than the massage, which defeats the purpose of the therapy.

The Master Massage 28" FAIRLANE™ Portable Massage Table is a premium-quality portable massage table. Still, it is affordable for students or professionals on a budget.

In addition, it is durable, easy to clean and set up, and even meets strict California Air Resources Board (CARB) Law.

The best massage therapists only use the best equipment because their clients matter to them.

Therapist massaging a client outdoor using high-quality Master Massage 28" FAIRLANE™ Portable Massage Table Package

5. Go the extra mile

Ever wonder what makes some businesses great when they offer the same product or service as hundreds of other companies?

It’s the extra they give.

The extra care they show their customers makes them stand out from the competition.

As a massage therapist, you can do the same to make your clients come back again and again and refer you to others.

Gestures that can show you're going the extra mile:

  • listening attentively
  • offering drinks
  • providing aromatherapy options
  • using fresh towels
  • playing beautiful music
  • educating the client by giving them tips 

A massage therapist trains, but the best massage therapist should be a student for life.

Learning should never stop. The more experienced and familiar you are in what you do, the more you show that you are giving your career value.

As a result, your clients could benefit more from your service.

Massage therapist providing foot soak with fresh flowers

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6. Provide aftercare

The client’s comfort and satisfaction should not end when the massage ends.

Providing helpful information to clients, following up for their next session, and offering home service are good aftercare practices.

Offer incentives and packages like referral programs or run a special exclusive for them.

Final Thoughts

The primary things a therapist needs, like washing hands before and after the massage, especially when transitioning from the body to the face, skills and massage techniques are essential.

But you can go the extra mile and be the best massage therapist your clients could ever ask for.

Putting your client's needs, comfort, and satisfaction first and using the finest equipment and tools, such as premium-quality massage tables, can help give them an unforgettable experience and brand you as one of, if not the best, massage therapists in the industry. 

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