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Relax & Relieve Stress 😌 100% Rest Easy Guarantee
Relax & Relieve Stress 😌 100% Rest Easy Guarantee
How to Unwind and Cool Down After the 4th of July Parade

How to Unwind and Cool Down After the 4th of July Parade

The sky is painted with a cascade of colors, and the air hums with the excitement of the parade and the sizzle of barbecues. It's the 4th of July! But after the fireworks, what next? How do you cool down, unwind, and return to your calm self after an exciting yet hectic Independence Day celebration? We have seven tips to help you end this patriotic day stress-free.

1. Create a Peaceful Environment

woman resting in the living room

A good starting point is to turn your home into a calming sanctuary. Turn down the lights, put on some soft music, and let your home be your safe and peaceful refuge from the noise. An air purifier, unobtrusively humming in the corner, can provide fresh, clean air - a calming influence after the smoke from the fireworks and barbecue.

2. Experience the Cold Plunge

Dundalk The Polar Plunge Tub CT362PP

One of the best ways to physically cool down after a day in the extreme heat is by enjoying a cold plunge. Yes, it's an immediate shock, but it's also incredibly refreshing. A cold plunge tub can stimulate your circulation, decrease muscle inflammation, and lift your mood - a perfect solution after a long day in the sun watching the parade.

3. Indulge in a Warm Soak

Mesa Steam Shower with Jetted Tub

Alternatively, if you prefer a warmer approach to relaxation, why not consider a few minutes in a steam shower or a jetted tub? Let the warm steam envelop your body, cleansing your pores and soothing your mind, or let the jets in the tub massage away the tension from your day. It's like having a spa experience right in the comfort of your own bathroom.

4. Get a Massage

Is there anything more relaxing and pleasant than getting a massage after a long tiring day? Following the 4th of July festivities, your body could use a good muscle melody. A massage chair, kneading massager, or percussion massager can knead out the kinks in your muscles after a day of marching in a parade, watching the fireworks, or chasing after kids.

Massage Chairs

Synca - Kurodo Massage Chair

Choose a massage chair that offers different settings and massage programs to customize your experience based on what your body currently needs. For example, the Synca - Kurodo Massage Chair has 17 Massage Techniques and 4D Commercial Grade Deep Tissue Hitachi Made Massage Robot giving you superior massage quality in a button.

Cordless Massager

Hilmar Cordless Electronic Shiatsu Massager

Portable massagers like the Hilmar Cordless Electronic Shiatsu Massager are designed to soothe and invigorate sore muscles and stress in your neck, shoulders, and lower and upper back. It targets your acupuncture points with deep tissue kneading massage, perfect for stiff muscles from looking up at the skies for the fireworks display or just walking around during the day.

Percussion Massager

Theragun Pro Percussion Massager

After celebrating your independence, indulge in the Theragun Pro Percussion Massager, a handheld marvel that unveils unparalleled relief. With rhythmic pulses like a symphony of healing, it reinvigorates muscles, melting away strains from an active lifestyle. It has multiple speed settings and massage programs for your convenience.

5. Engage in Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing is a simple yet powerful tool for calming the mind and body. Even a few minutes of deep, conscious breathing can help you feel centered. Mindful breathing doesn’t have to be complex. Here’s a 5-minute meditation video from Goodful that you can do anywhere.

While doing your breathing exercise, why not make it more comfortable by settling into a zero-gravity recliner? Let it cradle your body as you focus on your breath. 

The Human Touch Perfect Chair® PC-420 Classic Manual Plus has features like a full-support head pillow, adjustable lumbar support, and zero gravity recline to give you a better mindful breathing exercise. 

Human Touch Perfect Chair® PC-420 Classic Manual Plus

Did you know? Physicians endorse zero-gravity ergonomics as the healthiest way to sit.


6. Stay Active

man on a treadmill

Still, pumped up by the day's events and fun? Well, you can't just sit down and call it a day. Use your home fitness equipment and perform a light workout. It's a great way to shake off the day's adrenaline and prepare for a relaxing evening. Yes, staying active is a great way to stay cool this 4th of July.

7. Recharge in a Sauna

Sunray Roslyn 4-Person Indoor Infrared Sauna HL400KS

A session in an indoor home sauna could be just what you need. The heat from the sauna can help your muscles relax. The solitude can provide you with a quiet space to reflect on the day's events and enjoy a moment of tranquility.

Limit your sauna time to 15 minutes, and remember to hydrate before, during, and after the session. If a traditional sauna's heat and humidity seems overwhelming for you, an infrared sauna offers a more suitable alternative.

Which type of sauna should you get? Read Traditional vs. Infrared Saunas: Which is Best for You?


Why is it important to unwind and cool down after the 4th of July parade?

Cute baby sleeping with American flags 4th of July parade

Celebrating the 4th of July is exciting, but taking care of your well-being amidst the festivities is also essential. It's about striking a balance between participation and personal peace, between excitement and relaxation. After the fireworks, the parade, and the extreme heat, remember that there are plenty of ways to unwind, recharge, and treat yourself to some deserved rest. Here are the top three reasons why you should end your Independence Day celebration cooled down:

Physical Restoration

Celebrating the 4th of July often means extended periods of physical activity, be it attending parades, setting up picnics, or participating in other festive events. This can leave your body tired and your muscles tense. Cooling down and unwinding allows your body to rest and recover, reducing the risk of aches, pains, and potential injuries.

Emotional Reset

The excitement and high energy of Independence Day celebrations can be emotionally taxing. We often find ourselves surrounded by large crowds, loud noises, and a whirlwind of activities. Time to unwind helps restore emotional balance, alleviate stress, and promote mental well-being, ensuring that the celebration doesn't lead to unwanted stress or anxiety.

Quality Sleep

Your adrenaline levels might be higher than usual after a day filled with activities and stimulation. This could disrupt your sleep pattern. Unwinding and cooling down help transition your body from an excited state to a more relaxed one, preparing you for a good night's sleep. Quality rest is critical for overall health and well-being and aids in cognitive function, mood regulation, and physical health.



Couple standing relaxed wrapped in American flag

Celebrate the 4th of July in full swing, but remember to put your wellness first. Stay hydrated and stay in the shade during the day. As the red, white, and blue spectacle fades, sparkle up your post-celebration with a rejuvenating relaxation. From cold plunge dips to steamy sauna escapes, make your 4th of July as restful as it is rousing. After all, independence is about freedom, and who's to say it can't be freedom to unwind?

We'd love to hear how you plan to celebrate and unwind after the 4th of July. What are your top tips for keeping cool and enjoying a relaxing Independence Day this year? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

And if you need help deciding which wellness tool to help you cool down after a stressful event – be it on holiday or just another day at work – don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. We’d be happy to assist you and answer your questions!

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